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05 Jul 2023

When is it a best time to start planning a landscape design project?

In the big picture, anytime is a good time to begin your landscape project planning. A good landscape design is a work of art. Just as a poet or writer may scribble a line or two on the back of a napkin as it comes to them, you can jot down notes, tear pictures out of magazines or store online pictures of landscape designs that inspire you.

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03 May 2023


All lawns need proper nutrients to stay healthy, lush and green, but they need the right nutrients at the right time of year to grow and thrive. For best results, fertilization should be done in early spring, late spring, summer, early fall and late fall. This is an inconvenience and a lot of work for most homeowners who simply don’t have the time and energy to commit to these schedules.

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